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The Voice of Cheeze plays the music & works of Frank Zappa

Mike Meldrum

Mir Ali

Halloween is a fun time here...

The ceiling has lots of autographs....some famous...some infamous...some unknowns...

Ballz on the drums - LMB 2006

Saturday afternoons at Nietzsche's

Photos of New Chicago Lunch Blues Band by Jim Snider


Photos of Ethyl by Jim Jannon

Cass Postek

Debbie Ritch

Jackie LoBuglio

Suzanne Switzer

Photo supplied by Rob Falgiano

Contortionists and PJ

Robert Bella & Rob Lynch from The Contortionists
with our favorite doorman PJ

Photo by Jim S.

Sonic Garden's Joe Muffoletto

Photos by Jim S.

Louise, Ike, & Gina

Joe loves his bands.

Joe, owner of Nietzsche's and music-lover

Louise, Ike Willis, & Gina

Nietzsche's bar area

Nietzsche's getting crowded as Schleigho warms up

Photos of Joanna Connor by Jim S.

Joanna Connor

Joanna Connor Blues Band

Joanna Connor Blues Band

Joanna Connor

Photos of Redheaded Stepchild by Jim S.

Redheaded Stepchild's Katherine and Dave

Katherine Koch on lead vocals

Katherine Koch on the sax

Billy Constable and Kevin Kukoda

Photos of Dope Opera by Jim S.

Dope Opera

Dope Opera

Photo of Amanda Jarosz by Jim S.

Amanda Jarosz

Photos by Kevin K
digital camera courtesy of Juney Moon's

This mysterious fellow greets all visitors more or less the same way

Another painting up at Nietzsche's

I'm told that this artwork
was done by Liz-Spiro Carmen.

Nietzsche's Hour of Repose... early in the day

Photos of Oui73 by Jeff Garbacz

Oui73 at Nietzsche's in Spring of 1999

Oui73 at Nietzsche's in Spring of 1999

Photos of Project/Object with Ike Willis
by Shingle


Ike Willis


Seahag again

Buffalo Song Project

Celia White

Jenn Guitart

J Gilliam

Joe Mancuso

Is June

Mary Begley

Mike Meldrum

Paddy Kilrain

The Contortionists
photo by Jeff Garbacz

Mudtown Rudy
photo by Jeff Garbacz

photos by Shingle


Schleigho with Buffalo's own Steve Baczkowski

Suke Cerulo playing the flute

Some more artwork in the bar...


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