Tough Old Bird // Leyda // Over & Out // Jordan Potter

Live at Nietzsche’s:
$5 door

Tough Old Bird (Buffalo, NY)
Formed in the small community of Fillmore, New York by songwriting brothers Matthew and Nathan Corrigan, Tough Old Bird plays modern folk music that reflects the landscape it comes from, a place where the last train just pulled out and the carnival is always on its way to the next town.

Leyda (Buffalo, NY)
Leyda, from the Greek myth “Leda and the Swan,” blends truth-seeking lyrics with soul-searching indie rock/pop. Don’t ask them to explain, just listen for yourself.

Over & Out (Buffalo, NY)
Five piece indie folk punk style band from Buffalo, NY

Jordan Potter (Fillmore, NY)
Jordan Potter is a singer/songwriter from the Southern Tier of New York known for his unique, emote, and honest writing style.