The Freeway Revival, Darth Nater, James Ford & Arthur Buezo (of the Blind Owl Band), Renee Dion

The Freeway Revival
The Freeway Revival’s explosive blend of southern rock, funk and psychedelic soul captures and expresses the life of a true road warrior band on the current American landscape.

Renee Dion
Renee Dion: A singer, Songwriter, who’s artistry is revealed by the expression of song which speaks to one’s heart and passion for life.

James Ford & Arthur Buezo of the The Blind Owl Band
Shedding the constraints of the Blind Owl Band’s patented formula, Arthur Buezo’s solo effort is a gritty grind up of the darkness and light. -Larry Dolan

Darth Nater
Buffalo-based singer/songwriter Nate Noworyta has been releasing music under the name Darth Nater since 2011. With the release of his 3rd full-length album, Junior, Nate takes a departure from the revealing, autobiographical songs of his previous two releases and instead focuses on weaving detailed, imagery-driven stories. The album uses these scenarios to explore themes of adolescence and escape. As always, Darth Nater’s songs revolve around a combination of dry humor and emotional depth.

21+ unless accompanied by a parent